Photostory: Everything works in it’s chaos

1. Nadine Stein helping a customer at her shop by the Drostdy Lawns, otherwise known as Under the Arch The shop is owned by Nadine and her sister, Debra, here is where they make their living and what many people know them for. 

2. Nadine walks through the pathway to the entrance of her home. Nadine lives with her 9 year old son, Khoi-Sen and sister, Debra Stein.

3.After work, Nadine takes a break with her “special ciggy”, and waits for her son Khoi-Sen to be dropped off home after school . Nadine is open with her son about smoking cigarettes and marijuana, but she will never smoke around him.

4. Nadine with her son, Khoi-Sen, after school. With the support of Khoi-Sen’s grandparents he is able to attend Graeme College. Every day after school Nadine will sit with Khoi-Sen to find out how his school day went and after a play break he does his homework. 

5. Dogs run around the entrance space to the Steins home. The dogs liven up the houses atmosphere and are free to play inside and outside the house within the property space. 

6.Nadine Stein, 37, in her single bedroom in her home. Behind her is a wall covered in images of Native American Chiefs and leaders, the way of life and thinking of the Native America people resides closely to Nadine’s personal life philosophy.

7. Debra Stein’s artwork painted onto ostrich eggs with acrylic paints are on display in the Steins’ living room. Debra loves to paint and has never attended art school. Her inspiration is drawn from images which she re-shapes into her own work. The painting of the child’s face is from a book Debra illustrated.  

8. Sisters, Nadine and Debra Stein, smoking outside in their empty parking space. Both sisters rely on foot or lifts for getting around town, Nadine is afraid to drive and Debra gets around on her skateboard.

9. Khoi-Sen plays on his mother Nadine’s phone whilst she and her sister, Debra, watch him play in their yard. The three are extremely close and Khoi-Sen is a calm natured, like his mother, he does spend time with his father who also lives in Grahamstown and one of the reasons as to why Nadine still lives with her sister. 

10. A serious Stein Family portrait. Khoi-Sen, Nades and Debbie together.

© Niamh Walsh-Vorster


The girl with the American accent - Carly Nicole

1. Carly with her Pentax K1000 Film camera. A collage of personal photographs of family and friends are stuck onto the wall in her bedroom. Carly is from Seattle, Washington, United States.The photographs are a piece of home.

2. Missy Hip Hop lover. 

People, gangstas, and pimps and people

Smokin’ that lethal reefer

Up in the club the speakers

Highhats and base and tweeters

DJ is jockin’ needles

Sweat till I catch a fever

Call me the illest diva

3. Grahamstown living.